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Bad Habits - Week 7: Thanksgiving

  • Annoyance Theatre 367 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

BAD HABITS is an ongoing social/improvisational experiment. 

each week, the cities most degenerate, despical, and deplorable improvisers + comedians are challenged to give up their bad habits for the sake of comedy and their own well being. 


it's hard to believe, but it's that time of year where families come together across this great nartion to eat heart stopping portions of turkey and "give thanks" through forced smiles and gritted teeth. people are particularly upset about this years thanksgiving becauae of the recent presdiential election. what's there to be thankful for when we're enterting the end of western civilzation? but hasn't thanksgiving always been a troublesome, some might say "problematic" holiday? like columbus day, thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the cultural genoice and conquesti of the american indians. on the last thursday of novemeber, we often overlook this; maybe you're the wise child who read Howard Zinn and will make the necessary, abeit hackneyed, toast asking everyone at the table to acknowledge what this day is "really about," but for the most part, no one cares and we'll stuff ourselves silly until there aren't any damns left to give.  

this week we're going to look in depth at this tradition and see how its evolved throughout time. we will take you from the landing of the pilgrims on plymouth rock to the present day dining room of a good ol' fashioned "american" family looking to absolve themselves of trump and their white guilt. yes, no one was asked to give up thanksigivng, but after BAD HABITS, you'll probably never want to go to a thanksgiving meal ever again. 

finally, donations will be taken and all of the proceeds will be sent to the Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council, so please attend and be ready to give to the people who are risking their lives to protect and secure native land. 


created by Sam Taffel

directred by Anthony Oberbeck

Sophie Zucker: not a girl, not yet a woman.
Pedro Lee: sofa king chill
Heather Harrison: Whole foods in da streets, Gristedes in da sheets
Philip Sparkle: Bali boy
David Steele: lil tiny pocket buddy
Thomas Fricilone: Star of new HBO sitcom West’s World
Amanda Xeller: Dumpster Dog Jesus
Frank Angelini: Lives in a cozy taint.
Ian Lockwood: Life Truly Is Crazy.
Kelly Cooper. Irish, Catholic & ready to sin.
Brian Pisano: hates detail oriented people
Liza Carroll: better off dead
Caroline Yost: NYPD person-of-interest ;)
Rome Davis: Lean and green spleen.
Will Banfield: Beef boy for hire
Maya Sharma: I dont know what matcha tea is is it different than other tea
Andrew Tisher: Co-hosts “Beautiful Horses” with Anthony Oberbeck
Ben Hosley: dirt boy
David Bowers: only takes bowers (combination of bath / shower) 
Caitlin Dullea: queen of fucktown
Marybess Pritchett: Geek chic
Sam Taffel: full time craplord at vice media. 

Sundays, 8:30
Annoyance Theater - 367 Bedford Ave

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