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Bad Habits - Week 5: Post-Election Conversation

  • Annoyance Theatre 367 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

BAD HABITS is a month long social/improvisational experiment. 

each week, the cities most degenerate, despicable, and deplorable improvisers and comedians will be challenged to give up their bad habits for the sake of comedy. 

the show will commence with one of the most difficult habits to kick: coffee and cigarettes. For the entire week leading up to the performance, one group of comedians will throw away their cigarettes and vapes while the other group will cut their starbucks membership cards in half. 

WEEK 1 (10/16/16): COFFEE and CIGARETTES — no cigarettes, no coffee for an entire week. half the group will be asked to give up smoking, the other half caffeine. 

WEEK 2 (10/23/16): DRINKING — no alcohol, except, not exactly. one group will be asked to give up alcohol for the entire week before the show. the other half will be asked to get drunk before and during the performance. 

WEEK 3: (10/30/16): SUGAR and SLEEP — one group will be required to give up sugar for the entire week before the performance. the other group cannot sleep for 36 hours straight. 

WEEK 4 (11/6/16): BOOK CLUB — the entire group will be required to read a book or a play the week before the performance. the show will focus on the piece of literature we’ve read. 

WEEK 5 (11/13/16): SURPRISE! 

Sam Taffel: full time craplord at vice media. 
Sophie Zucker: not a girl, not yet a woman.
Pedro Lee: sofa king chill
Heather Harrison: Whole foods in da streets, Gristedes in da sheets
Philip Sparkle: Bali boy
David Steele: lil tiny pocket buddy
Thomas Fricilone: Star of new HBO sitcom West’s World
Amanda Xeller: Dumpster Dog Jesus
Frank Angelini: Lives in a cozy taint.
Ian Lockwood: Life Truly Is Crazy.
Kelly Cooper. Irish, Catholic & ready to sin.
Liza Carroll: better off dead
Caroline Yost: NYPD person-of-interest ;)
Rome Davis:  Lean and green spleen.
Will Banfield: Beef boy for hire
Maya Sharma: I dont know what matcha tea is is it different than other tea
Andrew Tisher: Co-hosts “Beautiful Horses” with Anthony Oberbeck
Ben Hosley: dirt boy
Caitlin Dullea: queen of fucktown

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